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A review of the latest Japanese Sprint series round by driver Clive Fulcher which resulted in him winning his class!

White Japanese car in action on the track of the Japanese Sprint series

The fourth round of the Japanese Sprint Series at Kendrew Barracks, saw the unveiling of Sprint Shed 2! The opportunity came up after a chat with my good friend Joe who broke his Hill Climb car a few months back. I can’t thank Joe enough for letting us purchase this incredibly well prepared light weight RA shell.

Two weeks prior to the event, we had a very busy weekend at the garage. Amazingly we had the bulk of work done in three days and huge thanks goes to the following people:

  • Richard at Zen Performance who lent us the space to do the transfer for the two cars
  • James at Relentless Performance for lending us a ramp for the weekend.
  • Tim Farmer, who has helped me with my cars for years, handled the bulk of the mechanical transfer whilst Richard completely re pinned the car as we were changing from a version 4 to a version 2 car!

The 7th July was test day, We went straight in to competition with no road testing before! I was expecting teething problems but the reality was far from, the car completed every single run perfectly! Silly me taking just old track tyres as I wasn’t expecting to compete, rather than my soft sprint tyres, so grip was interesting shall we day! Taking a positive from the mistake, I learnt about the car well enough to have confidence for the next round.

Unbelievably, we still put in a respectable time and according to the speed trap I was the fastest in a straight line from every run I looked at. All of this at medium power too, circa 500. The key, the new shredded shed is approx. 200kg lighter than the old car!

The next round is on 10th August at Blyton Park.

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