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Interview with Cameron Roberts

Cameron Roberts Reis interview

Interview with Cameron Roberts:

How do you feel the season has gone so far?
This year has been a hard one. It started well at Brands Hatch Indy finishing 4th, which gave me some good points long term, however engine problems at Oulton had a huge impact on our chances so a race by race mentality has been my aim lately. Overall it’s not been what we expected and unfortunately luck has been a key part of the troubles.

Which event has been your favourite of the season so far?
It has to be the first round of the 2016 season at Brands Hatch, on the Indy Circuit, at that point, the season ahead looked very promising!

Do you have a particular routine you follow on race day? Any superstitions?
Before a race or qualifying I mainly put my earphones in and listen to music to get my head in the game. I also like to drive around the track in my head to clear my mind.

What does a typical race weekend involve?
We usually arrive at the track during the week and go through a track walk to cover everything, such as every bump or the size of the kerb, which you might struggle to see when driving and could unsettle the car.
On the Friday we sign on to ensure we are eligible to drive and once the all clear is given, we start to think about the car setup of the car and really nail down what we need to do over the weekend to get us as close as we can. Saturday is qualifying and we really have to get our heads together and make sure we are ready as the ‘tow’ in our championship makes a huge difference to the straight line speed. Towing essentially means taking advantage of the slipstream of another car, so Kyle Hornby and I would normally work together.
As far as racing goes, a lot of the time it’s every man for themselves and preparation is very single minded. I tend to be by myself and roughly plan what I’ll do in the next race in-between the races.

With one more race to go, what’s the main goal/focus
We want to finish the season on a high note, so it’s all about getting on the podium!