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Insurance Insights: Event Cancellation

Whether it’s a first time event or one you’ve regularly hosted, a lot of time, energy and money goes into planning an event for enthusiasts and participants to enjoy. However there are sometimes aspects that cannot be accounted for and can lead to the unthinkable, meaning you have to cancel!

As a motorsport petrol head, I have known many events over the years suffer cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, mostly weather, but in 2001 some of you will recall the dreaded ‘Foot-and-mouth’ outbreak! Unfortunately these occurrences often leave the organising bodies, which in motorsport are mostly volunteer run motor clubs, seriously out of pocket and sometimes on the edge of bankruptcy.

Here at Reis, we have a solution – take out our ‘Event Cancellation’ cover and transfer the risk to the insurer. It’s not always as expensive as you might think, because recently we provided cover for a stage rally and I was very surprised at how affordable the level of premium, taken up by the club, was.

So to all event organisers who struggle to function with your fingers and toes crossed, call the Reis Commercial Team on 01159651050  and we’ll unravel your digits!


Mark Taylor
Deputy Head of Reis Motorsport Insurance

Reis Motorsport Insurance