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Interview with Kyle Hornby

Kyle Hornby Reis interview

Interview with Kyle Hornby:

How do you feel the season has gone so far?
It hasn’t gone as expected. Going into the season (my second) I was confident and had high hopes as I’d come away with a number of podium finishes in my first year. Unfortunately we’d had some set up problems with the car and rotten luck throughout, so I’m disappointed but it’s all a part of motor racing!

Which event has been your favourite of the season so far?
It has to be Snetterton, even though qualifying wasn’t great, I showed what I could do in the other races. I had some of the best fight backs I’ve had, coming from 14th up to 6th for the televised race.

Do you have a particular routine you follow on race day? Any superstitions?
Having a good night sleep and making sure I keep hydrated, for me, is key as it helps me keep maximum concentration, meaning I am limiting my chances of making mistakes. I keep my routine constant throughout the year, not just the weekend, so I make sure I’m training hard and watching what I eat so that I have the best preparation for the next race weekend.
With superstitions, I religiously put my gloves on inside the car when I am getting ready and the right glove always go on before the left hand glove.

What does a typical race weekend involve?
A typical race weekend happens over a three day period. On Friday there’s two 50 minute practice sessions where we work on the car set up and each sector of the track. After each session, I study my data with my data engineer to analyse where I can take time off my lap such as braking later or earlier for example.
Saturday is the first race day, starting with qualifying in the morning for about 15 minutes to decide our starting position for the first race of the weekend which takes place just after lunch.

Which race driver do you admire most, past and present?
At present, I’d have to say Daniel Ricciardo as he’s probably one of the most respected guys in a race paddock. He is always a gentleman, treats everyone with respect and doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone, a true sports figure.
From the past it would have to be Ayrton Senna. For me he was a true racer, someone who wasn’t scared to take risks and push himself and the car to the limits. He maximised every opportunity and to me, he was the purest of all race drivers.

With one more race to go, what’s the main goal/focus?
The main goal for me is to make the car set up is as suited to me as possible, hopefully enabling me to achieve that ‘perfect lap’ in qualifying and put myself in a good position for the races throughout the weekend. Oh and bring the car/myself home hopefully in one piece!