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Modified Car Insurance

Whatever your reason for modifying your car, whether it’s to enhance performance, increase the value or perhaps to ensure your motor stands out among the masses, we understand the time and money you will have spent making it just right. So surely it’s important that you have specialist insurance in place to make sure it’s protected? You wouldn’t just add any old set of alloy wheels or aftermarket exhaust to your pride and joy, so why risk going with an insurer who doesn’t fully understand your car.

Through the world of modifications, you can well and truly make your car your own. Here at Reis Motorsport Insurance, our team of experts speak your language and recognise that it’s not just ‘boy racers’ who invest passion, energy (and not to mention hard earned cash) into their hobby.

Understanding that each and every car is unique to its owner, we specialise in motor insurance for seriously modified road cars – ideal if you attend show and shine competitions, exhibitions or specialist shows – as well as rally and trackday cars.

It’s always better to go direct to a specialist, like Reis, when it comes to modified car insurance. Price comparison websites don’t always capture the full story and many of them won’t allow you to add more than a handful of modifications onto your quotation – meaning that any quotes you receive may end up invalid. By talking to someone who understands mods, you can have peace of mind that the cover you take out will be right for you and will give you flexibility to add future modifications to your insurance policy.

As you won’t be looking for a standard off the shelf policy, one of the most important elements when discussing your needs is to be upfront and honest about your mods. They don’t always mean an increase in premiums, and if you haven’t declared them it could lead to a claim being denied and policy voided.

If you have a rally car, don’t be alarmed if we don’t ask for a full list of mods when you place your car with us. We know they are modified and rate the policy on what type of motorsport you do, engine size and value. We will always ask for a list when the policy goes live to ensure that if you claim, it’s clear that your vehicle value is not “book price” but reflects the age, spec, use and mileage of that particular car.

So if you already have a modified car, or are planning on adding some modifications and want to talk through any possible implications, give our team at Reis a call on 0115 965 1020. We will be able to provide you with a bespoke quote based on the type of modification(s) you have.

You’ve taken the time to upgrade and maintain your vehicle, so let us help give you peace of mind when on track or simply enjoying driving your modified vehicle with our specialist schemes.