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    Cover for your collection

    If you have more vehicles in your household than drivers, you may find yourself with endless policies and managing renewals can become a handful.  Fear not, because we can arrange for one multi-vehicle insurance policy that covers them all!

    There’s no need to cancel existing policies or wait until they lapse to get a quote from us, as vehicles can simply be added once the cover expires, and with upfront fixed quoted prices, it means there will be no surprises when you come to add them in.

    Multi-vehicle insurance polices include:

    • Cover for standard and vehicles meant for competition and track-day use
    • Combines your motor-sport vehicles and private cars in one policy
    • Provides one single policy and one renewal date for all cars
    • Cover for multi-vehicle fleets to include competition or specialist vehicles
    • Cover for a mix of drivers across different vehicles

    Our expert team are only too happy to discuss your needs with you.

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