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    Cover for your collection

    If you have more vehicles in your household than drivers, you may find yourself with endless policies and managing renewals can become a handful.  Fear not, because we can arrange for one multi-vehicle insurance policy that covers them all!

    There’s no need to cancel existing policies or wait until they lapse to get a quote from us, as vehicles can simply be added once the cover expires, and with upfront fixed quoted prices, it means there will be no surprises when you come to add them in.

    Multi-vehicle insurance polices include:

    • Cover for standard and vehicles meant for competition and track-day use
    • Combines your motor-sport vehicles and private cars in one policy
    • Provides one single policy and one renewal date for all cars
    • Cover for multi-vehicle fleets to include competition or specialist vehicles
    • Cover for a mix of drivers across different vehicles

    Our expert team are only too happy to discuss your needs with you.

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    Multi vehicle insurance

    If you have more vehicles in your household than drivers, you may find yourself with endless policies – and managing renewals can become a handful. Reis Motorsport can arrange for one multi-vehicle insurance policy that covers them all for our competitors, sports car or modified car clients

    There’s no need to cancel existing policies or wait until they lapse to get a quote from us, as vehicles can simply be added once the cover expires. And with upfront fixed quoted prices, it means there will be no surprises when you come to add them in.

    What is multi vehicle insurance?

    If there’s more than one vehicle registered to your address, you and

    As well as benefiting from a potential discount, having all your vehicles covered under one policy makes managing your multi vehicle cover a breeze – one policy and one handy renewal date.

    Is multi car insurance for me?

    Here at Reis Motorsport, we started to offer multi vehicle insurance after hearing our customers’ frustrations with having to juggle multiple policies, with different renewal dates, named drivers and more.

    Multi car insurance takes that headache away and allows you to concentrate on your motorsport passion.

    You might have a fleet of vehicles at home which includes motorsport vehicles, private cars, car transporters, and whatever else you need to use on a regular basis. Multi vehicle insurance allows you to put them all on a single policy for no extra cost.

    Here are some of the insurance products you can mix and match with multi vehicle insurance:

    What’s not to like? The team at Reis will do all the work of consolidating your cover into a single policy, leaving you with less admin and more time behind the wheel.

    What type of cover is included in multi car insurance?

    Multi car insurance can bring you other benefits aside from potential time and cost savings.

    Multi car policies can be flexible, too. Each car insured can have a different level of cover and excess amount, as well as additional products added, such as legal protection cover, excess protection and key care.

    That’s particularly important if you’re putting your competition or track day car on the same policy as your everyday car.
    Depending on the mix of vehicles you’re covering, the levels of insurance could include:

    • Comprehensive cover
    • Third party, fire and theft
    • Third party only
    • Fire and theft only
    • Damage, fire and theft

    Check your insurance schedule to see what levels of cover you have.

    What else can multi car insurance cover?

    Here at Reis, we can tailor your multi car insurance cover to your specific requirements. Policies can also include things like:

    • Personal belongings
      We can cover personal belongings in your vehicle that are stolen or damaged. Exclusions apply – check your policy wording to see what’s covered.
    • Repairing and replacing glass
      Got a comprehensive policy? Then we’ll cover any damage to the glass in your vehicle’s windscreen, windows or sunroof
    • Foreign travel
      Planning to take your car to the EU? We can extend your cover for up to 90 days while you’re using your vehicle for social, domestic or pleasure purposes abroad. Check your policy wording to see which countries are covered.

    Can you insure 3 cars on one policy?

    Yes. In fact, with multi vehicle insurance from Reis Motorsport, there is no limit to the number of vehicles you can insure under one policy (terms and conditions apply).

    You and other drivers named on the policy may benefit from a multi vehicle discount on your premium if there are multiple cars on the same policy.

    Can I be main driver on two cars?

    Yes, you can be the main driver on two vehicles. Exclusions may apply.

    Does it matter who the main driver is on car insurance?

    Yes. The main driver must be the person who drives the vehicle the most.

    Is it cheaper to have a multi car policy?

    Typically, however, when private cars are included in the policy, we offer a 15% discount (as long as it is paired with a competition car, sports car etc).

    We guarantee that we’ll take the time to understand all of your requirements, to deliver a multi car policy which is suited to your needs.

    As specialists in motorsport insurance, we just get it. We pride ourselves in having a long-standing, dedicated team who will carefully listen and compile a bespoke quote, tailored to your personal circumstances.

    When you choose a multi car policy with us, it will be managed individually – our team of car insurance specialists will be on the end of the telephone if you need to speak to them.

    Are there any drawbacks of multi car insurance?

    By syncing your renewals, you’ll have to pay your insurance premiums for all of your vehicles at once. While you’ll have the option of paying annually or monthly, depending on what works best for your finances, if you’re talking about six or more vehicles, it’s not going to be cheap.

    However, over 12 months, you’re not going to be paying any more than you’re already used to. Speak to one of our account executives about how you can pay your premiums in a way that works for you.

    Look out for common exclusions on your policy, too. For example, there’s not always a guaranteed courtesy car included, unless the approved repairer has one available. Although if you have a fleet of vehicles at your disposal, this might not affect you too much.

    Can you insure two main drivers on the same car in multi vehicle insurance?

    No – any car insurance policy requires there to be one main driver (policyholder) and then any additional drivers are added as named drivers.

    To avoid committing an offence like fronting, it’s important that you are truthful when taking out car insurance. This means whoever drives the car the most, must be listed on that policy as the main driver.

    In most cases, the main driver will also be the registered owner of the car, but that’s not always the case

    How does no claims bonus work on multi car insurance policies?

    On some multi car insurance policies, the main driver on the policy is the only one who gets to build up their no claims bonus. If one of the cars on the policy is involved in an accident, then the discount on that vehicle will be reduced unless the policyholder has no claims discount protection.

    With multi vehicle insurance through Reis, the no claims bonus is relative to the car involved in the accident and the driver concerned. In other words, only the vehicles and drivers involved in the accident will be affected should you need to make a claim.

    Drivers who don’t need to claim will have their no claims bonus protected, meaning they can continue to enjoy a discount the next time they have to renew their insurance

    What do you need for a multi car policy?

    Before you call Reis for a multi car quote, make sure you’ve got all the necessary information to hand. Here’s what you need:

    • Driver details such as date of birth, address and occupation for you and any other named drivers. You’ll also need to provide driving licence information, such as licence number, type and details of any law infringements.
    • Claims history including any claims or accidents, and the number of no claim bonus (NCB) years you and any named drivers have.
    • Details of all the different vehicles you want to place under the policy, including make, model, mileage, modifications (if any) and registration numbers.

    Our insurance specialists are able to guide you on different levels of cover and the insurance products available to you. But it’s always a good idea to have some understanding of your requirements, so that we can provide cover to match.

    Tell us as much about the kind of cars you’ve got – sports cars, track cars, rally carsand the way in which you use them so we can find the best cover to suit you.

    How to make a claim

    If you’re involved in an incident, follow these steps:

    1. Don’t drive away from the scene. You must stop if any person or animal has been hurt or there’s been damage to any property or vehicles.
    2. Get the names and addresses of other drivers or witnesses. Ask the other driver(s) for their insurance details.
    3. If someone else has been injured in the accident you must show your Certificate of Motor Insurance to the police. If any damage has been caused to another vehicle, property or animal give your name, address, vehicle reg and show your insurance certificate to anyone who needs it.
    4. Draw a diagram of the scene showing as much detail as possible – speeds, distances, road names, obstructions etc.
    5. Don’t admit you were at fault or offer to make payment.
    6. You must tell us immediately if there are going to be any police proceedings or you receive a writ, summons or correspondence from anyone else or their representatives.
    7. Call

    Get a multi car quote from Reis Motorsport today

    To chat through the best multi vehicle insurance that we offer, contact the team at Reis today, who will be able to put together a policy to suit your specific requirements.

    Our multi vehicle insurance policies can offer:

    • Cover for standard vehicles and those meant for competition and track day use.
    • The opportunity to cover your motorsport vehicles and private cars in one policy.
    • One handy renewal date for all cars.
    • Cover for multi vehicle fleets to include competition or specialist vehicles.
    • Cover for a mix of drivers across different vehicles.

    We share your passion here at Reis Motorsport. Call our friendly team to find the best multi car insurance for your needs today on 0115 965 1020.