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    Do you need On Event cover?

    Racing at high speeds, with little margin for error, tests even the most experienced drivers. It goes without saying that you will do everything you can to keep your car on the track or stage, but scrapes and crashes are not uncommon.

    Reis can provide you with a policy which covers you in the event of a racing, testing or rally accident. We know that drivers are exceptionally skilled and are masters at avoiding obstacles – this is reflected in the cost of the cover.

    The easiest way to find out if we can provide cover for your rally car is to speak to a member of our team. They will explain what is required for it to be deemed ‘fit for the purpose of rallying’ i.e., what safety features it needs such a roll cage.

    What level of cover do you get with On Event insurance?

    On Event insurance only covers your vehicle in the event of an incident. It will not cover any liability to other participants, to any third parties or passengers, or any third party property damage.

    Accidental or fire damage to your vehicle

    This insurance covers your vehicle against any accident or fire damage caused by a direct result  of an incident, either on the track or at an event. Fire Cover can also be extended to fire any cause

    Accidental or fire damage to your engine and transmission

    This insurance comes as an add-on to Accidental and fire damage cover above. As the name suggests, it insures your vehicle’s engine and transmission against accident or fire caused by a direct result of an on track or event incident.

    Total loss by fire top-up

    Total loss by fire cover can be taken as standalone cover or as a top up to the covers listed above.

    You’re as precious as your car. That’s why it’s also important to take out personal accident cover, too. Reis can arrange bespoke permanent or temporary disability benefit cover should you suffer an injury in pursuit of your sport or hobby.

    Track day insurance is ideal for drivers who occasionally take their car to a circuit to drive it at high speeds – but there’s not much in the way of real competition on a track day. In fact, there are rules in place to ensure that drivers don’t endanger who they’re sharing the track with.

    So, if you’re going to compete in any event, be it a sprint, hill climb or other type of stage rally, you may wish to take specialist cover for your vehicle to reimburse you in the event of an incident

    Do you need any other type of insurance?

    You might want to pair your rally car insurance policy with dedicated personal accident insurance. Personal accident cover insures you against injuries or fatalities while you’re competing.

    When you’re taking part in a motorsport activity – but particularly rallying – there’s always the danger that you could do yourself some damage. Most racing drivers accept this risk in exchange for being able to pursue their passion.

    Following a serious accident, you may need medical treatment and time off work – personal accident cover can help you recoup those costs, so you can focus fully on your recovery.

    Personal accident insurance can also help cover repatriation costs to get you back to the UK if you have an accident abroad.

    What to do if you need to make a claim

    Follow these simple steps so your claim can be handled as swiftly as possible.

    • You must tell us about the claim within 48 hours. If it’s safe to do so, call us from the scene of the accident.
    • Complete the claim notification form and return it to us immediately.
    • Give us a signed accident report form from an event official who is not connected with the championship or series.
    • Take photos off all four sides of the car before any dismantling or repairs take place.
    • Take photos of any damaged parts that you remove.
    • Give us a written estimated list of costs for parts and labour.
    • Provide the chassis number and/or engine/gearbox serial number included in the claim.

    To report an accident or fire, call the Team on on  0115 965 1020.

    Failure to comply with any of the steps above could affect the amount the insurer pays out in the event of a claim.

    And remember, don’t dispose of any parts until the full and final settlement of the claim has taken place.

    Get an on Event insurance quote with Reis Motorsport

    To chat through the On Event insurance that we offer your specific requirement, contact the team at Reis today, who will be able to put together a policy to suit your specific requirements.

    When you insure your competitive car through Reis, you can expect:

    • A market-leading customer experience
    • An expert dedicated claims handler to manage your claim with ERS

    We can also help to find you personal accident insurance to protect against any injuries you might sustain while participating in an event or track day

    Got a modified car or track car? We can provide car insurance quotes for those, too.

    At Reis, we share your passion for motorsport. Our aim is to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

    Call our rally car insurance team to arrange a competitive car insurance quote today on 0115 965 1020.