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Sports Car Insurance

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Protect your Sports Vehicle with Reis

Sports cars need appropriate insurance to protect their value.

We can provide cover for sports cars of all types and ages, giving you the freedom to enjoy your prized possession for personal use.

We can also include these vehicles as part of our motorsport multi-vehicle policy, which is ideal for collections of all sizes containing competition cars, bringing everything together with one renewal date and price.

To take advantage of cover, don’t delay – speak to Reis today!

What does Motorsport Sports Car insurance cover?

Our policies provide cover for sports and prestige cars, including supercars.

This specialised product is for the fun cars in your life that get your heart racing. Cover is available for track days, overseas trips and overnight stops with limited mileage, and while in a trailer or transporter.

Speak to us about your needs, and we will look to tailor insurance to match them.

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Why choose Reis for Motorsport Competitors Insurance?

Motorsport Knowledge

We live and breathe motorsport – it’s all we cover!

Exceptional Service

A personal, professional service tailored to your specific needs

Experience and Trust

Our teams have insured motorsport vehicles since 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need specialist sports car insurance?

When insuring your sports or classic car, it’s worth considering a specialist insurer who understands your vehicle. While most insurers offer quotes, specialists provide tailored coverage for your prized possession. These cars often fall into higher insurance groups, seen as riskier by some insurers, leading to higher premiums. Specialist insurers, experienced in covering these high-risk performance cars, could offer more competitive rates by understanding your car’s specific risks. They may also include features like protection against malicious damage, personal injury, or even coverage for track days. Choosing a specialist insurer could mean you get more affordable and valuable coverage for your cherished sports car.

What is a sports car for insurance purposes?

Put simply, a sports car is lighter and more powerful than your average car. Most performance sports cars only have two seats and are lower to the ground than other cars, with an emphasis on dynamic performance, handling, acceleration and top speed (that can only be unleashed on a track!) Most insurers will not cover the latter, so you’ll need to speak to a broker like Reis to obtain track day insurance for this purpose.

Am I covered to drive my sports car on track?

Don’t assume that your sports car insurance policy will cover you on a race track – if it does, it might only provide protection for certain damage and personal injury. Speak to us if you require this type of cover. There will be limitations and exclusions on most sports car policies, so make sure you have the right cover before you go racing!

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