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Track Day Insurance

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Cover to race your vehicle on track days

Track days ignite your passion for driving. Our team is here to help you make it happen.

As a leading UK Motorsport insurance broker, Reis Motorsport Insurance has partnered with First Underwriting Limited to deliver comprehensive Track Day insurance to meet your needs.

Cover is available for single track days or multi-track days/season cover, for UK residents only.

What is motorsport track day cover?

This specialist insurance helps to protect you against the risk of financial loss following an accident on a track day.

We can provide cover for:

  • Accidental damage or fire damage to your vehicle
  • Accidental damage or fire damage to your engine and transmission
  • Total loss by fire (top up to the covers listed above)

Speak to us about your needs, and we will look to tailor insurance to match them.

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Why choose Reis for Motorsport Track Day Insurance?

Motorsport Knowledge

We live and breathe motorsport – it’s all we cover!

Exceptional Service

A personal, professional service tailored to your specific needs

Experience and Trust

Our teams have insured motorsport activity since 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase cover for a single track day?

Yes, cover can be purchased for a single track day. We also offer multi-track day cover or season cover to accommodate multiple track days over the course of a season. Speak to us about your requirement and we will seek insurance to match your needs.

What does accidental or fire damage cover provide?

This insurance covers your vehicle against any accident or fire damage caused as a direct result of an incident while on the track. Fire Cover can also be extended to fire from any cause. You can also add accidental or fire damage to your engine and transmission caused as a direct result of an on track incident.

What is total loss by fire cover?

This can be purchased separately or added to the accidental or fire damage covers listed above. This insurers your vehicle should it be written off due to fire damage, but does not provide accidental damage cover.

Are there exclusions or limits on the amount of cover available?

Our cover only provides insurance for vehicles with four wheels – sports cars, classic cars etc. – to be used for track days. We cannot cover motorbikes for this purpose. We currently cover vehicles up to the value of £150,000 on track, with up to £100,000 of insurance included. Please speak to us for information on the policy and refer to your policy documents for more detailed information.

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