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Insurance for Motor Traders Handling Motorsports Vehicles

Many motor traders will find themselves working with motorsports vehicles on a part-time basis. Some will be enthusiasts of the sport, some may participate in competitive action, and some of you will support hobbyists and even professionals – but everyone will require specialist motorsport motor trade insurance.

If you are involved in vehicle restoration, maintenance, or vehicle sales, there is nothing more satisfying than working on motorsports vehicles. But ensuring the safety of the vehicles you work with and protecting your business requires expert understanding of what you do.

Here’s where Reis takes the wheel. We’re a leading provider of insurance to motor traders who work with motorsports vehicles. We’ll provide cover for motorsport vehicles in your care, custody and control, alongside standard motor trade risks, to ensure you have the relevant protection to carry out your work with confidence. Whether you work with motorsport vehicles occasionally or regularly, we have flexible policies to match your specific needs. Request a quote from our expert team today.

What does motor trade with motorsports insurance cover?

Motorsport insurance for motor traders provides cover for motorsports vehicles (often at a higher value) on an occasional or frequent basis, as part of your motor trade business. Our motorsport motor trade policies can include:

  • Road risks cover (including specialist motorsport vehicles)
  • Combined all risks cover
  • Stock of vehicles cover
  • Business premises cover
  • Service and repair indemnity
  • Public liability and employers’ liability
  • Management liability

Speak to us about your needs, and we will look to tailor insurance to match them.

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Why choose Reis for Motorsport Motor Trade Insurance?

Motorsport Knowledge

We live and breathe motorsport – it’s all we cover!

Exceptional Service

A personal, professional service tailored to your specific needs

Experience and Trust

Our teams have insured motorsport businesses since 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

What is road risks cover for motorsport motor traders?

Road risks cover allows you to drive customer vehicles under your care, custody and control. With motorsport cover, you can also drive motorsports vehicles (where appropriate) on public roads. Even when driving short distances outside a garage, for example, this is a must for an vehicles to be road legal, but it’s especially important for high-value or non-standard vehicles.

What is service and repair indemnity insurance?

This is specific cover for any repairs you carry out that are deemed to be faulty, including fitting parts which prove to be faulty and fail, causing damage to customer vehicles.

What is motor trade combined cover with motorsports use?

Combined motor trade cover encompasses a range of risks under one policy. In addition to road risks insurance, you can get cover for business premises (e.g. workshops and garages), specialist tools and equipment stored on- and off-site, lifting tables and ramps etc., and business interruption cover. Additionally, employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance can also be included, as can business interruption insurance.

What is motorsport business interruption insurance?

Motorsport business interruption insurance responds in the event that you are prevented from trading due to an unforeseen insured event, and suffer loss of income. This could be as a result of fire or flooding to your premises, for example. This cover can be included as part of a package of covers in commercial combined insurance for motorsports.

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