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Multi-Vehicle Insurance

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Bring your Motorsports & Standard Road Vehicles Together in One Policy

Juggling multiple insurance policies for your vehicles? Reis Motorsport Insurance has your back. We offer multi-vehicle insurance specifically designed to cover both motorsports vehicles and standard vehicles under one policy.

With the benefit of upfront quotes before you add vehicles to your policy, you can add vehicles when their insurance expires without unexpected additional costs, so there’s no need to cancel your existing insurance cover.

Switch to Reis seamlessly and benefit from one renewal date for your vehicles. Get a quote today.

What does motorsport multi-vehicle insurance cover?

You can cover motorsport vehicles, private cars, car transporters, and other vehicles in regular use under a motorsport multi-vehicle insurance policy with Reis, with no limit to the number of vehicles.

Mix and match cover for each vehicle in one policy, including:

-Comprehensive cover

-Third-party, fire and theft

-Third party only

-Fire and theft only

-Damage, fire and theft

We also cover personal belongings in your vehicle, glass repair and replacement, and can extend cover for EU use.

Speak to us about your needs, and we will look to tailor insurance to match them.

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Why choose Reis for Motorsport Multi-Vehicle Insurance?

Motorsport Knowledge

We live and breathe motorsport – it’s all we cover!

Exceptional Service

A personal, professional service tailored to your specific needs

Experience and Trust

Our teams have insured motorsport vehicles since 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save money with a motorsports multi-car policy?

It is possible to save money by bringing private cars into a multi-car policy – when paired with a motorsports vehicle such as a competition car, we can offer a 15% discount on the private car insurance. We pride ourselves in listening to your requirements and seeking cost-effective insurance for your needs. Speak to our expert team for support in managing your policy.

Can you insure two main drivers on the same car in multi-vehicle insurance?

No – any car insurance policy requires there to be one main driver (policyholder) and then any additional drivers are added as named drivers. To avoid committing an offence, it’s important that you are truthful when taking out car insurance – whoever drives the car the most must be listed on that policy as the main driver. In most cases, the main driver will also be the registered owner of the car, but that’s not always the case.

Can I be the main driver on two cars?

Yes, you can be the main driver on two vehicles, though exclusions may apply. We’ll check through the list of vehicles and drivers and confirm this with you when providing a quote.

How does no claims discount work on motorsport multi car insurance?

On some multi car policies, the main driver is the only one who builds up a no claims bonus, and if one of the cars on the policy is involved in an accident, the discount on that vehicle is reduced unless the policyholder has no claims discount protection.u003cbru003eWith Reis, the no claims discount is built up relative to the vehicle and driver. Only the vehicles and drivers involved in accidents are affected if a claim is made, which means drivers who don’t claim on the policy have their no claims discount protected.

What information do I need for a motorsport multi car policy?

To provide a quote, we need: 1.) Date of birth, address and occupation for any named drivers, and driving licence information including licence type and active motoring convictions; 2.) Claims history including claims or accidents, and no claims discount accrued; 3.) Full details of all the different vehicles you wish to place on the policy. The more information you provide, the easier it is to build cover suited to your needs.

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